Exterior Visibly dynamic. Noticeably Golf.
Beautifully dynamic The Golf 8’s exterior features a clean design with narrow LED headlights and an even leaner front grille. The imposing bumper gives the all new Golf 8 even more presence and now sits lower to the ground, for a more responsive performance on the roads.
Intelligent lighting The Golf 8 comes with LED headlights and integrated fog lights as standard. If you opt for the IQ.LIGHT Matrix LED lights you’ll also receive Dynamic Light Assist, which automatically adjusts brightness when it detects oncoming traffic.
e-TSI engine The Golf 8 is Volkswagen’s first model to feature the e-TSI engine with mild-hybrid technology. e-TSI uses a lithium-ion battery to help power the engine at low speeds and drastically reduce both fuel consumption and emissions. The battery is recharged using energy from braking and coasting.
Interior With all digital innovations, of course, the typical Golf feeling remains.
Digital cockpit The Digital Cockpit takes all of your settings and displays them clearly on the 10-inch screen. From there you can adjust your driving position, air conditioning, radio, navigation and Driver Assistance systems. Set up your Volkswagen ID and your Golf 8 will remember your preferences.
Head-up display The Golf 8’s Head-Up display projects your speedometer and Adapted Cruise Control information straight onto the windshield. Sat-Nav and media settings are displayed on the Digital Cockpit, a high-definition screen that sits right behind the steering wheel.
Voice control Through the Golf 8’s voice control you can select between radio stations, scroll through your address book, or change course on your Sat-Nav. You can even adjust the climate control and turn on additional features such as heated front or rear seats.
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